YAY or NAYNovember 8, 2018


Birdgangs are a garage rock band from Boston, MA. They bring frenetic energy, infectious melodies and an allergy for almonds wherever they go. Formed in 2017 by friends Jack Davis (guitar, lead vocals), Matt Bates (lead guitar), Julien Schremmer (bass), and Fernando Echeverry (drums), the band brings their self-styled “east coast rock garage surf-n-turf” to audiences throughout the northeast through constant gigging in a surprisingly roomy Prius. Their vibrant live performances and steady rise has earned them recognition from The Deli Magazine as one of the Best of New England’s Emerging Artists. Influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Cash, and Real Estate, Birdgangs digests only the highest quality seeds to regurgitate a new strain of bird flu you never knew you wanted. Come out to a show, jump around, and say hi. They’re in desperate need of friends to actually call themselves a gang.

WIUX was glad to join the gang for a Yay or Nay session at the station. Watch Birdgangs try a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time and give their opinions on Kanye West.

Director: Kathryn Jankowski
Videography by: Brett Gilbert and Kathryn Jankowski
Editor: Brett Gilbert
Producer: Jillian Rafalski
Audio: Jack Ritter and Mia Waggoner