Live SessionsNovember 24, 2018

Duncan Kissinger

Brought to you by WIUX engineering committee, visual content committee, and IUSTV.

A word from the artist:

Well! My name is Duncan Kissinger aka dankmantrash HAHA! I’m a born and raised a Hoosier! Through and through! Can you believe it?! Ahahaaa anyway, my band and I are real good buds, we’ve known each other for quite sometime, we all play in each other’s bands, it’s a TON of fun. I draw inspiration from nature and the dystopian world we live in. The beauty of the woods and the trees and the birds/and the ugly dark heartbreaking world we live in. Some people even tell me I’m “one of a kind” AHAHA!! I don’t know about all that! Really just pulling from my life experiences hoping to connect/relate with some people..or not.

Director: Kathryn Jankowski
Technical director: Andrew Briggs
Producers: Bryce Reif, Patrick Dieterlen, Andrew Briggs
Videographers: Clemente Tirado and Bryan Garcia
Editor: Kathryn Jankowski
Mix: Conner Williams
Audio recording: Jack Ritter and engineering committee
Floor Director: Amy Gallagher
Robotic Camera Operator: Stephan Walker
Playback: Jenn Bowles