Advertising Informational Packet

Jake Doan

Sales Manager

717 East 8th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408

Radio and Website Underwriting Guide

On-Air Underwriting:

99.1 Radio

Individual Spot Pricing:

  • Morning (6a –10a) – $11.00
  • Midday (10a – 4p) – $10.00
  • Evening (4p –10p) – $9.00
  • Overnight (10p – 6a) – $8.00

Weekly Underwriting Packages

  • 5 Morning, 5 Midday, 5 Evening: $99
  • 10 Morning, 10 Midday, 10 Evening, and 5 FREE Overnights: $189

Semester Underwriting Packages

  • Sponsor a specific show (30 spots a semester): $189
  • Any of the weekly packages can be spread out over a semester, please ask for a price.

Student Organization Packages

  • 5 Morning, 5 Midday, 5 Evening: $45
  • 10 Morning, 10 Midday, 10 Evening, and 5 FREE Overnights: $100

B-Side Radio

Our online only station, “B-Side Radio”, has all of the same underwriting options as “99.1
Radio”. The prices are all 50% of the “99.1 Radio” prices.
*Important note: B-Side can have commercial advertising, as opposed to only underwriting.
Online Display Ads:
Website (~12,000 unique views per month):
$250 per month

Event Sponsorship:

The majority of events that WIUX puts on, including concerts, can be sponsored. Prices and
options for sponsorship of each event vary. For more information on a specific event,
please ask one of our sales-associates.

Sports Underwriting Guide


Full Season (All 12 games): $1,000

Fall Sports Package:

All Football, and home Men’s and Women’s Soccer games*: $1,500

Football and Men’s Basketball Package:

Includes all post-season play for both teams (NCAA regulations permitting): $2,500

Deluxe Men’s Sports Package:

All above options, plus 20 live reads during Little 500 weekend (10 per race): $2,600


Full Season (about 21 games including post-season play): $1,500

Player of the Game

  • Player of the Game sponsorship for full Football season with sports radio spots: $1,200
  • Player of the Game sponsorship for full Men’s Basketball season with sports radio spots:

Season Package Player of the Game

Exclusive sponsorship for all Football and Men’s Basketball games and a PoG sports blog
feature with sponsor logo on WIUX.org for every home game: $3,200

Half-time and Post-game Show Sponsorship

Exclusive sponsorship for all Football and Men’s Basketball half-time and post-game shows
as well as any overtime that may occur: $1,200

Spring Package:

All spring semester Men’s and Women’s Basketball games, and baseball games*: $2,000

Deluxe Spring Package:

  • All above options, plus 20 live reads during Little 500 weekend (10 each race): $2,100
  • Typical Sponsorship includes 8 total spots per game (4 recorded, 4 live, or as per request).
  • All home games for soccer, baseball, and women’s basketball are not guaranteed. Missed
    games will be made up for by sports show sponsorship of equivalent value.

Little 500 Underwriting Guide

Full Race Sponsorship:

20 live reads throughout race weekend (10 per each race) and logo on the WIUX website
for one week prior to race: $250

Pre-race sponsorship:

  • 5 reads: $150

In-Studio Post Race:

  • 5 reads: $125

Starting Line-Up Sponsorship

Exclusive sponsorship: 2 live reads: $100

  • Ex: “The little 500 starting line-up is brought to you by “company name”.

Broadcast Booth Naming Rights:

Minimum of 20 mentions, 20 live reads, and logo on the WIUX website: $500

  • Mention example: We’re live in the “Your Company Name“ broadcast booth bringing you
    coverage of the legendary Little 500…”

Sole Sponsorship:

Includes exclusive rights to all listed sponsorships, plus an additional week on the WIUX
website: $1,250


As of Fall 2015:

Web Stats

  • Unique monthly: 18,285
  • Unique weekly: 4,266
  • Unique daily: 610

Social traffic:

  • Search engines bring in the majority of traffic; 92% coming from Google, followed by Yahoo and then Bing
  • Facebook drives about double the amount of traffic to the site compared to Twitter (exact numbers given upon request)


  • Football games drive traffic to the site on both home and away games (will update with basketball when I have the numbers)
  • Most traffic is on Mondays
  • Traffic has been steadily increasing for the past year and the goal is to average 630 unique dailies by the end of the year

Target demographics:

  • College students
  • Bloomington residents interested in local art, including live music
  • Journalism students
  • Music students

As of Spring 2014 (will be updated ASAP):

WIUX Listener Stats

  • Usual number of listeners per hour online – 200-3,000
  • Average WIUX.org visits per day – 800-1,000
  • Online alone we’ve had 20,000 unique (first-time) listeners in the past year and 4,000 in the past 3 months

2013 Basketball Games With Over 1000 ONLINE Listeners

  • November 12 (Long Island University)
    • 1,250 ONLINE Listeners
  • January 26 (Illinois -Big Ten Rival)
    • 1,400 ONLINE Listeners
  • February 2 (Michigan – Big Ten Rival)
    • 1,750 ONLINE Listeners
  • March 5 (Nebraska – Last home game)
    • 1,500 ONLINE Listeners

2012 Basketball Estimated RADIO Listeners

  • North Carolina
    • 11,000 RADIO Listeners
  • Michigan
    • 9,000 RADIO Listeners
  • Big Ten Tournament
    • 22,000 RADIO Listeners