March 23, 2019 / 12:33 pm

WIUX Venue Series Presents Birdgangs at The Brickhouse with Fern Murphy and Bike Wreck

Birdgangs along with Fern Murphy and local Bloomington band Bike Wreck will be playing tonight at The Brick House. Birdgangs, the garage rock band from Boston, has returned for another electrifying performance. The flock is no stranger to WIUX or Bloomington, having performed previously in November for our WIUX Live Sessions. We’re really excited to have them back in our nest and hearing their most recent single “Ima Robot.”

Indianapolis-based indie chillwave band Fern Murphy is no stranger to the Indiana house show scene by any means. The trio regularly plays at the “So-So Variety” recurring house show in Indy and have developed a grassroots fanbase in and out of the city. This trinity of serenity is made of the eclectic guitar style of Gabriel Adams, on top the rhythmic foundation of Tommy Behan’s drums and the ripe synth support from the polymath Benjamin Pearson.

Also, in attendance at this Quals day house show is Bloomington local band, Bike Wreck. After playing Friday night, they’re back out again ready to set our gears on fire. With the rousing vocals of guitarist Dylan Bodnarick in “10,000 Teeth” and “You’re still there ” the group is sure to have the crowd in a pile-up of a mosh pit.

Fly or bike in on Saturday at 9pm at The Brickhouse for a lyrical catharsis.

For more information on the event, check out the official Facebook page and share it with your parents that are trying to relive their punk youth.