WIUX Presents: Top Songs Played 12/1-12/6

1.Electric Tide- Chris Koza
2. Taking Care Of Business- Vic Ruggiero
3. Cold Clear Moon- Tomo Nakayama
4. April’s Daydream- Devonte Hynes

5. Superstitions- Misun
7. Burn On- Greylag
8. Stripes Fade Away- Alex Bishop
9. Empty Faction- Cult Of Youth
10. Talk To God- Goat
11. Rock & Roll Soul- Hunter & The Dirty Jacks
12. How Now Does It Feel- Sumilan
13. Taking Care of Business- Vic Ruggiero
14. The Wild Wind- Clemency
15. We All Want More- Go Murphy
16. Solidarity on the Streets- Felidae Trick
17. Six Feet Under- Deap Vally
19. Palo Alto- Devonte Hynes
21. Frame Of Mind- Red Room Effect
22. Pulling Teeth- Cardboard Crowns
23. Battlefields- Misun
24. Metal Flake- The Young
25. Monument- Royksopp