December 28, 2016 / 8:14 pm

WIUX Business Podcast-First Episode

My name is Connor Hankins and I am extremely happy to announce that I have completed the first episode of the WIUX Business Podcast. I am currently a freshman here at IU majoring in Finance/Accounting. My love of business runs deep–keeping up on the stock market, global business news and watching Shark Tank have been on my daily agenda since I was in middle school. Last year, in high school, I established a business program and soon found out that it was an extremely valuable experience. It was even selected to be a finalist for “Best High School Specialty Program” at the IBS Radio Awards. Main topics on every program will discuss important business news, the stock market, global business news, new products and much more. In this podcast, I┬áspecifically discuss important business news such as the Wells Fargo crisis, the economic impact of Brexit, the influence Trump will have on the economy, and Amazon’s impact on the economy. Whether you have a career in a business-related field or would just like to hear my thoughts on the world of business, I believe my podcast can be beneficial for you.