WIUX Business Podcast Episode 2

This episode of the WIUX Business Podcast covers a variety of topics including:

-The Business Word of the Day

-Top Stories/trending business news (Samsung executive Lee Jae-Yong in trouble, crude oil prices on the rise, companies reviewing whether to move production to the U.S., Snap Inc.’s upcoming IPO, UK Pound falls to 3 month low, US retail sales, U.S. Budge deficit widening again)

-Stock Market round-up (Hot/not stocks, Chinese stock-market woes, Trump’s potential impact on stock-market)

-Business Tech News (Labor force/robots potential future, Space X Rocket Launch, Apple concerns)

If you missed the first episode, make sure to listen to it on SoundCloud. Please stay tuned for the next episode which will cover the business news that you need to hear.