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Matt Hamilton: On this campus of 50,000+, it’s entirely unsurprising that there are so many well-dressed people. Fashion in terms of one’s expression and growth is explored emphatically during college, and for some is a key part of their individuality. That said, WIUX News Director D’Angelo King and I put together these interviews accompanied by several photos we took of two IU students with strong personal senses of style.

D’Angelo King: Each week we’re looking to profile two of the flyest students on campus. If you or someone you know has the drip, get in contact with us. On Fridays we will drop a playlist inspired by the two students style, the playlist will be available on both Spotify and Apple Music.

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MH: Email: Instagram: @cptmeathamilfun Spotify: Matt Hamilton

DK: Email: Instagram: @kingdlo Apple Music @kingdlo

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Toni Pringley – Media School, 2019

Instagram: @tonipringley

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MH: When did you first start getting into fashion and dressing yourself?

T: So I got into fashion a lot in middle school, around seventh grade. It was around the time I switched middle schools and I wanted to find who I was through my clothes. I did that through thrift shopping and getting into secondhand clothes, and it’s something I loved ever since.


Photo by Matt Hamilton and D’Angelo King


MH: Was your interest in fashion self-initiated or inspired by the people around you?

T: I did pageants in high school so you kind of have to have a fashion sense when you’re showing outfits on stage and doing interviews, so it’s very much encouraged to have a better sense of style when you’re in pageants.


MH: What do you think fashion is to you beyond just wearing clothes every day? Does it give you any sort of social capital?

T: Usually when I put a nice outfit together I feel better during the day or pay more attention in class. How you dress then anticipates for me how my day is going to go and can provide me with a better boost of confidence.


MH: How would you describe personal style two or three words?

T: Laid back chic



MH: Biggest fashion pet peeves?

T: Following trends that don’t go with someone’s aesthetic or own sense of style. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean you have to follow it. You should dress based on what you feel your aesthetic, style, and body type is I think.


MH: Do you have any fashion icons?

T: Celebrity wise – Bella Hadid, really relaxed but cute at the same time. I like Zoe Kravitz, too, From more of a professional standpoint, Meagan Markle has a really good chic, put-together, look.


Photo by Matt Hamilton and D’Angelo King


MH: What’s your favorite season based on the outfits you can wear?

T: Spring or summer, but probably summer because I like wearing swimsuits a lot



MH: How do you think people perceive you based on how you dress – and do you think it’s accurate for what you’re going for?

T: Well I like to think of myself as a very bubbly, outgoing person. I think my style reflects that, it’s kind of girly but still relaxed and I feel like that’s sort of who I am.


MH: How do you think college students can explore fashion more in the context of their future careers considering the emphasis on students looking professional for their future careers?

T: I feel like now through social media fashion blogging is such a big thing. You can start your own Instagram aesthetic blog thing, start your own YouTube channel. Just so many avenues where you can make fashion not really a second job, but an additional hobby. For example, you can do a couple YouTube videos about what you found at the thrift store, put on your Instagram your outfits of the day. I feel like it’s simple these days to find inspiration.

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Chase McLay – School of Public Health, 2019

Instagram: @chase__ton

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MH: How would you describe your personal style in one or two words?

C: “Clean” is what I’d go for. Good color coordination, no loud pieces together, nice and simple.


Photo by Matt Hamilton and D’Angelo King


MH: Who are your biggest fashion influences? Do you have any fashion icons?

C: My two biggest fashion icons would be Robert Geller or Raf Simons. Robert Geller captures the dressy, casual look I’m going for. Raf’s Raf and that’s basically all I have to say about that.


MH: How do you think college students can explore fashion in the context of their future profession? And how might students express themselves during this?

C: No matter what field you’re going into, having well-fitting clothing that suits the environment you’re in is important. I still think you can be expressive through use of patterns or materials or certain shoes in a business casual environment. You can express yourself beyond wearing a graphic tee that says, “here’s my favorite hobby.”



MH: One pair of shoes for the rest of your life – what are they?

C: Common Projects Achilles Low. The build quality is insane. If you invest in some used ones from $200-$250 and they will last you for years to come.


MH: Favorite season to dress?

C: Late fall to early winter because you can start layering and wearing hats and scarves, so many components to it. Layering is key.



MH: How do you think people perceive you based on how you dress?

C: I don’t think the average person notices or cares. How I dress may have different effects on how people see me, but people may not always consciously think about it..? Unless they’re into fashion, then that’s a whole different thing. I ultimately wear something because I like it. It brings me my own confidence.


Photo by Matt Hamilton and D’Angelo King


MH: Is there an end goal of fashion for you?

C: Nah. You go through so many changes over time and constantly update your style. It’s an annoying hobby in that you don’t just buy a few things then you’re done.