Will Butler @ The Bishop 3/24

Will Butler
This Tuesday (aka tomorrow night) Will Butler will bring his musical stylings to Bloomington, Indiana for a performance at The Bishop. Presented by Spirit of ’68, Hearing Things will open for Will Butler Tuesday night beginning at 9:30. Individuals 18 years and older will be allowed admittance to the show and tickets will be 13 dollars at the door (1$ from each ticket will be donated to Plus One, an organization founded by Arcade Fire, The National, Vampire Weekend, and Local Natives!).

Will Butler will be performing music from his debut solo album Policy, highly rated by reviews on Magnet and Spin magazines (85 and 80 scores respective), the show will feature plenty of new music from the Arcade Fire member. Magnet remarked of Policy, “Policy shows that Will is more than capable of getting the kids to wake up”, emphasizing the immense lyrical content throughout the album. Policy draws upon tones of classic rock, indie composition, and flecks of 80’s synth pop for the instrumentation of the album. All aspects of Will Butler’s debut album should make for an interesting show for the first time solo performer. I for one can’t wait to hear how everything live sounds.

Check out the hit “Anna” off the album: