July 27, 2015 / 8:03 pm

White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again

Released 7/17/2015

5/7 stars

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CRASH!! White Reaper Does it Again. What an appropriate name for the newest White Reaper album, which was released just a few days ago on July 17th . Fans of White Reaper’s 2014 Debut EP White Reaper can finally feed their hunger with a full-length album of more short, rock-your-socks-off tunes. White Reaper, worked with PolyVinyl records, again, and also Royal Mountain Records to produce this album which was actually completed in one very busy week!

NPR Music describes this album perfectly with “The freewheeling White Reaper plays to classic rock ‘n’ roll ideals while trying to dissolve them in acid.” This statement can be backed up with White Reaper’s classic rock riffs, steady bass, wicked drum fills, and fuzzy vocals. White Reaper fans can also appreciate the keyboard that stood out in songs from their first EP like Half Bad or Ohh Yeah. The same catchy keys can be heard on the first track “Make Me Wanna Die,” “I Don’t Think She Cares,” “Pills,” and many more.

White Reaper just performed at Forecastle with King Tuff. They also have a few upcoming concerts if you happen to be in the area! In the next few months they will be in Atlanta, Alabama, Omaha, Denver, and also at the Pygmalion Festival in Champaign, IL.

Overall, I believe the driving theme of this album is that music can and should be fun! This is an album that you must jump around to until you collapse on the floor from an overload of punk.


Favorite Track: Pills


01 Make Me Wanna Die

02 I Don’t Think She Cares

03 Pills

04 On Your Mind

05 Last 4th of July

06 Alone Tonight

07 Candy

08 Sheila

09 Friday the 13th

10 Wolf Trap Hotel

11 Don’t You Think I Know?

12 B.T.K.


White Reaper Does it Again can be purchased here:



Ever feel like you wanna destroy everything, then here is the perfect video for you, White Reaper’s Music video for “Last 4th of July”