White Reaper @ The Bishop 10/17

White Reaper will be coming to Bloomington at The Bishop this Friday (10/17) for WIUX’s Pledge Drive concert. The Bishop’s doors will open around 11 p.m. for the opening act Pnature Walk before White Reaper takes the stage. All ages will be welcomed into the event and tickets will be sold for $10 at the door. Scared to run the risk of the show selling out? Stop by the WIUX house (717 E. 8th St) to grab your ticket now! All the AMAZING individuals from the student radio will be there boogieing their tails off; you do not want to miss out. Plus, it’ll help fund you’re favorite Bloomington student radio (The philanthropist in you wants to you to go).

In lieu of White Reaper’s performance cap stoning WIUX’s pledge drive this Friday, I decided I needed to delve into the band to see what they were all about. In the damp sweaty underground of Louisville garages Tony Esposito (guitar/ vocals), and brothers Nick and Sam Wilkerson (Drums and Bass) formed White Reaper. Calling on predecessors like The Ramones, White Reaper’s entering the sphere of Ty Segall/ Thee Oh Sees/ King Tuff revitalized garage punk.

With the release of their self-titled first album, White Reaper established themselves as an up and coming act full of edge, emotion, and minimal [deleted plural curse] to give. The album released via Polyvinyl Records on June 24 of this year offers a brief window into the heart and soul of White Reaper. The six track 16 minute album leaves the listener wondering what’s next to come from the trio, but it’s a cut throat, teeth gritting start.

Sparing no time for melodic harmonies or drawn out intros, White Reaper takes the listener by the ears right away with “Cool”. Starting the album with up tempo, head thumping, psychedelic licks “Cool” recants an age old tale of a boy admiring a girl, only in true punk fashion, at 200bpm. The album carries the same aggressive, edgy, and slightly romantic tone throughout the tracks giving the listener a succinct gist at what drives the band. Yet, sometimes simplicity is best and “She Wants To” encompasses that sentiment, for me at least. When Esposito wails mid song “She’s a freak”, it hit me, spontaneity spices life, moments lived completely encompassed in the now of life should prized, and certain things should be left simple. White Reaper’s album encapsulates a care free feeling, showing an album can strictly made by the pleasure of the band.

Albums don’t always reflect everything a band has to offer (*cough* *cough* The Grateful Dead). White Reaper made a name for themselves in the underground scene in Louisville for their thrashing performances in front of intimate groups of fans. The atmosphere of the crowd truly makes the music come alive and creates a metaphysical connection between performers and viewers alike. Fellow wanderers of this planet coming together for, but a brief moment for a common cause crafts inexplicable memories. Garage punk scenes generate the performer viewer connection fairly well. The head shaking, foot taping, and over all spastic motions of the crowd turns most into a sweaty mess sharpening the link. Their show Friday for WIUX should be no different.

The self-titled album leaves minimal room for listener interpretation of what White Reaper’s all about. They’ve got the energy and aggression, but only time will tell if they can harness a unique differentiating sound to separate them from the pack.

Taste this: