June 12, 2015 / 12:06 pm

Weekend Jams: June 12-14

Hi hello how are you? I’m pretty good because it’s Friday and in the corporate world that means T-5 hours until the weekend!!! After sitting in a climate controlled room on the 34th floor of a building 5 days a week the only thing sweeter than the weekend is eating a Mr. Softee chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream cone during the weekend. To celebrate the much needed next 48 hours to the fullest extent, I made this playlist to listen to this weekend.* Featuring a just-released song from Foxygen offshoot-Diane Coffee (see him at the Bishop in September!), a new track from Jamie xx and my potential ~song of the summer~ by Detroit based-band Gosh Pith, this playlist will hopefully fulfill all your weekend musical needs.


*You can listen to this playlist any day of the week if your heart desires