February 3, 2015 / 5:31 pm

Wanted on Voyage – George Ezra

Released: 1/27/2015

Stars: 6/7

Great Britain had a slew of dominating artists last year and they are starting off this year no differently. George Ezra, the singer-songwriter from the U.K, released his debut album Wanted on Voyage in the U.S about a week ago, about seven months after he released it in his home country.

In the U.K., he was able to sell 600+ thousand copies of his debut and in seven other countries it topped the charts. It’s time for the good ol’ red, white and blue to realize the talent of this soulful singer.

Ezra’s ability to bounce around between musical styles is what makes him an artist to look for in 2015. Whether it is folk similar to Mumford in “Budapest” or 80’s New Wave in “Stand by Your Gun,” he able to blow listeners away with his bass-booming voice. He credits Lead Belly for his singing style and it shows in his music. His blues inspired singing along with his bare-bones guitar playing brings character to his music that can sometimes be absent in popular music.

His ability to shift music styles keeps audiences on their feet while his lyrical content sweeps them of his feet. Songs like “Budapest” truly compel the listener to sympathize with him. We have all been in the position in which we are trying to win someone’s love, but they won’t pay attention. This album is just a rollercoaster and Ezra wants to take you along for the ride.

Take a voyage with George Ezra while his seamlessly transitions from folk to 80’s alternative back to country. He takes every genre and puts his own twist on it with ease. Wanted on Voyage is easily my favorite album of the year and an album to keep in mind later in the year.

Favorite Songs: “Budapest”, “Stand by Your Gun”, “Blame It on Me”