February 14, 2016 / 1:43 pm

Valentine’s Day candy will be 50% off on Monday

Somehow, I’ve found myself in a relationships of a varying degrees around Valentine’s Day season, which if you’re keeping count, is ranked as one of the worst seasons. Better than first semester finals season, much worse than HBO spring show premiere season.

So, I’ve made you a playlist for Valentine’s Day, for the varying degrees of relationships that you find yourself in. Single and love it? I gotchu. Single and wallowing in self-pity, also, I have a song for you. Experiencing your first love with a boy that bought you earrings with your birthstone for V-Day? Yes, I have a song for that. Really like someone but it’s too early to celebrate Valentine’s Day so you’re gonna pretend it doesn’t exist? Oh boy, do I have a song for you!

Enjoy the playlist.