February 14, 2015 / 3:25 pm

Valentine’s Day Bangerz

Are you like me, one of those lonely hearts Sgt. Peppers talked about? Did you spend last Valentine’s Day like me with a bag of Franzia watching the entire season 2 of House of Cards? Well, hopefully you aren’t quite as depressing as I am, but this year Winspear has the cure for that aching lonely heart of yours! Or you could be in a relationship and come I guess, but it’s more fun to be single at a concert on Valentine’s Day anyway (amirite?), just kidding probably not.

Winspear presents Cancuners, Sunspots, Winslow, Pnature Walk @ TBH (The Big House for all y’all noobs). Show starts at 9, but these are musicians so it could kick off fashionably late. Make sure to find the Facebook for all official details, rules, regulations, and all that good jazz.

I could give you all some fancy, literary, poetically written descriptions of the bands and their sound, but I’ll save you all from my attempts to be a writer and leave you with some songs to check out.



Plus, if y’all stick around I heard some special guest DJ will be throwing down for all lonely hearts who just want the dance themselves clean.