April 14, 2015 / 11:21 am

Tyler, The Creator-CHERRY BOMB

Released 4/12/2015 via Odd Future Records.

6/7 stars

Tyler Okonma, a.k.a Tyler, The Creator, is a prodigy if there ever was one.

At the very young and very impressive age of 24 Tyler has already released his fourth album, Cherry Bomb. This seems like a laborious lifestyle for the young rapper. Tyler has consistently been putting out new and great music for the past 6 years since the release of his instant classic debut Bastard. Tyler is someone whos brain is constantly reeling and creating, and in this album, it seems as if that his brain is out on display and it’s up to us to be able to dissect it.

As soon as the opening track, “DEATHCAMP” begins you are immediately disoriented by some gnarly guitar gnashing and intense synth. Tyler begins “Excuse me mister, but can you please turn down the lights”

As Tyler sets the scene to tell us a story the music begins to build up and create a sense of chaos around his voice. A prominent theme throughout the album is Tyler’s obvious hesitation to fame as he continues on the opening track, “I don’t really like all these cameras man, and this sh*t just don’t feel right?” Throughout the song Tyler seems to have a very sarcastic view of his success and fame. The lyrics almost claim a guilty feeling he has, expressing his contempt towards the issues of student loans and being a role model.

The songs seem to lead properly into one another. All of them have high energy and tremendous layers of music only capable of being concocted in Tyler’s head. The album goes on strong with every song having something different and exciting to offer. Each song has its own memorable lyric. One lyric that stands out from the rest is on “”PILOT,” “That’s why I’m in first class but I feel like coach.”

Another consistent part of Tyler’s theme of dismissing his fame. Five songs into the album Tyler takes a break from the viscous guitars and delirious beats for a classical interlude on “FIND YOUR WINGS” a la Stevie Wonder, someone who Tyler cited as an inspiration for the new album. This song sounds so different from the other songs on the album and that is something that was truly needed, not just on that spot on the album: it was needed from Tyler in general. This track features different, more classical musical elements, which truly highlight Tyler’s musical genius (which is already obvious but sometimes people need to be reminded)

The title track “CHERRY BOMB” is just a sonic wonderland that is 100% Tyler, The Creator. The synth beat on this song is just absolutely amazing, I will go as far as to say it is life changing. After the beat starts to go on for a while there in the middle, the song slows down with some soul style vocals from a female artist that is purely beautiful.

“2SEATER” is definitely the standout track on the album. It is almost 7 minutes of pure musical bliss. Tyler goes on to explain a story of driving around in a 2 seater with a girl. The best part of the song is in the middle when the music stops for dialogue between Tyler and the girl. At the end of the conversation Tyler says “But I love it when your hair…” and the song smoothly transitions to the next verse with “Blows, when it blows, when it blows” giving you the kind of audible satisfaction you could only dream of.

And if these songs weren’t enough for us Yeezus himself appears on the album on the track “SMUCKERS” as well as Lil’ Wayne. At first I thought I was going insane, because Mr. West himself was not credited on the album, but I could immediately recognize that it was Kanye West blessing us with his vocals on this track. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Lil’ Wayne’s raspy voice came through and my heart leapt. The album then starts to wind down after its peak on “SMUCKERS” with “KEEP DA O’S” which features guest vocals by Pharell Williams (again another very exciting feature) In this song Tyler touches on the topic of his fame again, at the close of the song he speaks the words, “I’m rapping about diamonds, and cars, and money now, what the f*ck has gotten into me?”

The last track on the album is “OKAGA, CA” another slow track appropriately placed at the end of the album. This song features some more Stevie Wonder elements with its lounge music rhythm and jazzy background vocals. When the song, and the album, finally finished I felt very pleased with the work Tyler had created. I am excited for his upcoming ventures.

Must listen tracks: