February 3, 2016 / 12:36 pm

Twerps – Range Anxiety


Twerps is a four piece self described “janky pop” band hailing from Melbourne, Australia made up of Marty Frawley (Guitar/Vocals), Jules McFarlane (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Macfarlane (Drums/Vocals) and  Gus Lord ( Bass). Range Anxiety,  the band’s second album,  is the first album that Twerps has released under the American Merge Records. They are brisk and charming, weaving melodies that are warm, even if they contain the hint of sadness, with lead vocalist switching off almost every song. No matter the singer, the vocals in Range Anxiety  often take a step back, and become more of another instrument than the concentration.

The opening song “House Keys” is a humming melodic instrumental track that comes in under one minute. Their song “I Don’t Mind”, who’s beautiful bass guitar coaxes and relaxes, repeatedly builds in a sweet cacophony before simmering back down to the basics of the song. It towers over the rest of the album – as one of two songs over 5 minutes long – and is argued to be one of their best racks to date.  The biggest qualm I have with the song is the seemly apathetic nod towards trying to rhyme. The song “Stranger” comes in with full sunshine filled energy right off the bat and is a highlight for the album. The end of the track features a break down that encompasses the timbre of an accordion.  The delightful mood carries right on into the next song “New Moves”, preventing a mid album slump.  Throughout the album there is interesting slide guitar picking adding an extra nuance to Twerp’s sound.  This is especially true in “White as Snow”.

The 12 song album is a bit of a sampling platter of the Twerps sound, testing out different feelings, genres and ways to present Twerps. “Simple Feelings” edges in on math rock with the complexity rhythmic layering and “Love At First Sight” has an ending chorus with nasally chanting that could be inspired by a musical set in the 1950’s. Overall the album isn’t too flashy or ostentatious, it is the type of music to play in your bedroom when you’re just hanging out. It  stays right where you would think a Twerps album ought to be, which means it’ll be just as good now as it will be in 3 years.


The track list is as below:

  1. House Keys
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. BAck to You
  4. Stranger
  5. New Moves
  6. White as Snow
  7. Shoulders
  8. Simple Feelings
  9. Adrenaline
  10. Fern Murderers
  11. Cheap Education
  12. Love at First Sight
  13. Empty Road

Here is their video for the song “Stranger”