March 24, 2015 / 11:06 am

Tuesday’s Top Videos

I believe many of you may have seen this coming, but this installment of Tuesday’s Top Vides will be solely dedicated to none other than King Kendrick. If ANY I repeat ANY of you haven’t listened To Pimp a Butterfly drop what you’re doing forget these videos and go listen to it (Yes you that means NOW). For those of you that have, I think we can all agree it’s a masterpiece, hell TPAB got a 7/7 on our blog (which is the only one that matter). Tuesday’s Top Videos will feature some of the songs on it and some of Kendrick’s unreleased tracks you may not have heard prior.

BET has their Hip Hop Awards and they do a segment named Cypher every year where they get some of the best up and coming rappers or big names to freestyle. This video is from the 2013 awards, BET had TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) step up and do a freestyle, featuring Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, AB-Soul, Isiah Rashad, and then finally Kendrick. If y’all want to skip ahead Kendrick comes in around the 4 minute mark. I’m going to make no comment because honestly his words speak for themselves, make no mistake your draw will drop and you’ll speechless as I.

The title of track Kendrick Lamar dropped on the Colbert Report still has yet to be named and has been dubbed as “Untitled”. There’s very few high quality videos surrounding the song, so I found the best one I could for y’all. The track offers a lot of the heavy handed institutionalized problems the African American community faces in today’s society, a theme discussed at great length throughout TPAB. Again, another incredible track that didn’t even make it on to the newest chapter of King Kendrick’s career.

I would like to take the time to deem this verse of Kendrick Lamar’s as “The shot heard round the rap game”. Extensively covered by most major music media outlets, Kendrick’s verse in Big Sean’s “Control” essentially called out every rapper in the game and told them to step their shit up or get the hell out. He claimed the throne and I have yet to hear a rebuttal worthy of contention to Kendrick, many have tried, but come up just a bit short.

Here’s two of my favorite tracks off TPAB, I’m going to let them talk for themselves.