May 20, 2014 / 10:38 am

Triptides – Colors EP

Transport yourself to a relaxing beachside hammock, soaking in the warmth of Triptide’s Colors EP. Triptides is a trio with many beach rock EP’s and albums under their belt; like much of their previous album art, the Colors  EP album cover features a reflected symmetrical image. Triptides is not only a throwback to the huge days of beach rock, but how they present their music is a shout out from the past. Eclectic forms of portable recordings – from cassettes and vinyl to digital – truly set Triptides up strong in their niche. This kaleidoscope of psychedelic sunshine hails from Bloomington, IN where they recorded this EP – and many others – at Sun Pavillion.

Bursting right of the bat with a sonic beam of beach-y energy is “Colors,” the title track from this EP. The lyrics sing “what is going on when you’re around me girl, something so strange, maybe not of this world.” A catchy bass line that surges through the fuzzy guitar riffs creating a tropical cocoon for the listener’s ears in this lo-fi love song. Colors EP takes a calm step backwards with the slow and more translucent “Destiny.” Quiet “Ahs” float down, in and amongst the soft baseline until the vocals kick in with lyrics. The guitar matches and accents the vocals creating a sweet lullabye sensation that is revisited at the end of the EP.

1)      Colors

2)      Destiny

3)      Throne of Stars

4)      Moonbeams

5)      I Didn’t Know

6)      Lullabye

“Throne of Stars” was the single release from this EP that entices with the echoing vibrations of the vocals. The drums in this track are much more up front than those on the rest of the EP– without drowning out any of the other instruments. Fuzzy guitars sent out in waves that keep lapping up on shore, “Throne of Stars” features an almost Egyptian sounding guitar solo that wades on top of the psychedelic pool of sound. With a countdown intro into their final track “Lullabye” Triptides winds down Colors EP like a sunset after a long day, the last glimpses of tropical energy trickling down. This is an honest lullabye, a great end to the EP and perfect for a summer evening. As always, Triptides has, me looking forward to what they will leave washed up on shore next.