October 18, 2017 / 3:01 pm

Trad Irish Music: Newest Home Remedy for the Invincible College Cold!

Within my first two months of attending the wonderful Indiana University, I’ve met great people, immersed myself in my classes, and have embraced “the college experience” (only on weekends when I’m not studying of course). I even signed a housing contract for an apartment next year. Despite my small milestones of young adulthood, my immune system seems to have regressed to that of a 5-year-old surrounded by fellow snotty-nosed kindergartners.

Already I have been lucky enough to experience multiple weeks of the invincible college cold. Yes, I’ve been one of those annoying students hacking away and blowing my nose in the middle of lectures while the professor awkwardly tries to talk over my bodily noises.

I’m sorry. DayQuil and cough drops can only do so much.

Amid my pounding headaches and coughing fits, I’ve searched far and wide for that one special remedy that provides my body with temporary relief. While essential oils, NeilMed Sinus Rinse, and orange juice have made considerable impacts, one afternoon I stumbled across something surprisingly more effective. I was playing my typical instrumental study music (my short attention span makes me easily distracted by lyrics) when I suddenly had the urge to play a family favorite song; “Give Me Your Hand”, a traditional Irish tune.

I found a decent YouTube video, but it didn’t live up to the version my dad used to always play on the stereo so I emailed him to ask for it. The minute I clicked on the link, a calming, wave of nostalgia rolled over me. I was filled with happy memories of my childhood with family and close friends. Simultaneously, my headache seemed to soften and my body no longer ached as much. I spent the next 30 minutes on YouTube getting lost in the depths of traditional Irish music, watching compilations of seaside cliffs, rolling green hills, and ruined castles.

I know most people don’t associate this particular genre of music as “the songs of their childhood”, I still believe there is value in reminiscing on whatever that music may be. While “Black Velvet Band” didn’t clear my sinuses, it did give me the homey comfort that I was lacking. Whether your parents played music at home or you had your own jam sessions in your room, I highly recommend revisiting those anthems (no matter how random, outdated, or cringy they may be) for a major endorphin boost, something we can all benefit from.