January 28, 2015 / 12:56 pm

Top 8 Weirdest Spotify Playlists

For music lovers, especially cheap music lovers, Spotify is a wonderful invention. No longer are we dependent on sketchy filesharing sites like Limewire (lol tbt) and we have the world’s music catalog at our fingerprints. That is, unless you want to listen to Taylor Swift or the Black Keys’ Turn Blue, but for the most part, my previous sentence is accurate. I’ve been using Spotify for nearly five years now and for the most part, the music streaming service has really stayed the same. Except for when they introduced Spotify-curated playlists. Talk about literally having any playlist for any mood. Here’s my list of the top 8 weirdest Spotify playlists. They range from the oddly specific to the “JUST WHYYY” enjoy!


8. Walk In Like You Own The Place

With tracks from Kanye, The Strokes and everyone in between, this 29 song playlist was made for the nervous, shaky and prone to stage fright that need some music for the added confidence boost. The description uses “swag” and I have already deemed that word unacceptable to use as a noun (totally fine as an adjective though).

7. Post Yoga Glow

You know after you do yoga and you just feel so clean because you’ve just released so many toxins you just want to head over to your local juicery for some fresh-pressed kale, beet and acai juice and tune into this playlist? No you don’t? Yeah neither do I and probably 99.9% of the human population. Regardless, Spotify still created this playlist with some peaceful and spiritual tunes to make sure you never come up from your downward dog.

6. I Hate Men

Oh boy, this 241-song playlist really means it. With everything from grrl punk to rap to Beyonce to Lily Allen, this playlist really encompasses every possible reason why all men suck. We all know you wanted this, at least you didn’t have to make it yourself!

5. Skipping School

Isn’t the point of skipping school to do whatever you want, not to listen to some lame playlist that someone else made? If we’re being honest, this playlist is pretty good, featuring songs from Foster the People, Grizzly Bear and the Black Keys I would probably choose to listen to these songs if I were to skip school. But the point is that someone at Spotify woke up and was like hey if I were a 15-year-old truant I would totally dig these tunes while hanging out at 7/11 instead of geometry!

4. Brainstorm of the Century

This playlist is meant to get your brain going, but these seemingly random instrumental tracks are kind of bothering me as I’m writing this sentence. If I was really in need of the brainstorm of the century then I would listen to Modern Vampires of the City and The Suburbs on repeat cause everyone knows that’s actually the best thinking music.

3. Forever Alone

I want a list of all the people that don’t ironically listen to this playlist and I want to send them a letter saying that it’s ok, it’s not that bad. They don’t need to listen to a Spotify playlist that’s description includes #foreveralone. But then again, where else could you find a playlist with the Backstreet Boys, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, Kid Rock and the Stones? I really hope nowhere else.

2. Beer and Wings

Equal part stupid and unnecessary.

1. The Happy Hipster

“Some say there’s no such thing as a happy hipster…” What? Who says that? Who is some? Despite the ridiculous description, the playlist is pretty good, your standard indie music with staples like MGMT and TV on the Radio, but also featuring some new bands like Sylvan Esso and Hozier.