March 9, 2014 / 8:23 pm

Top 7 Goofiest Music Genre Names

It seems like there are always people on the edge of the ever morphing music scene, trying to create new unique sounds to call their own, which explain why there is an exponentially growing number of goofy genres and sub genres. When I say goofy, I don’t mean bad. I love some of the music that has been projected out of these narrow classifications. The genres are goofy because of their specific and ridiculous requirements needed to be included within. We are no longer able to just call it “Rock” and “Pop;” so here are 7 off the goofiest music genres I know.


1) Crabcore – It is an offshoot of screamo, but the instrumentation, lyrical content, and tone quality are the exact same. In fact, much of this genre involves crab walking as its defining characteristics. They also do other crustacean inspired dance moves. Personally, I wouldn’t classify a music genre based off of coordinated dance moves but the internet yells that it is real, and I don’t want to anger the internet.

2) Algebra-Rock – Algebra-Rock is a branch off of Math-Rock – which is an sub-genre of experimental rock –that contains similar musical qualities of rhythmically complex guitar based melodies held within odd and changing time signatures. The big difference is that algebra rock’s lyrical content is about math subjects. This genre has been building in popularity, mostly song by song by MathRock bands who think that it is ironic and funny. It is ironic and funny.

(Could not find a good quality example, so  break out your mathematic-imagination on some regular Math-Rock)

3) Spacesynth – Also called Space-Disco, this genre had its peak in the middle of the 1980s and is created with the cheesiest moments of synth overlapping each other in an upbeat cacophony that is supposed to resemble outer space. Whether it does or not can really only be decided by an astronaut, but since I’m not an astronaut I will just take their word for it.

4) Electroswing – Gaining a lot popularity after the Gatsby movie was released electroswing fuses swing styles with EDM and house music. Sometimes taking samples from swing records, but also composing songs with swing elements to pull from, you should except electroswing to be popping its head in more EMD festivals soon. It is fun, cute and makes it is easy to boogie down.

5) Nitendocore – It’s all the fun of 8-bit clips of sound from old Nintendo games wrapped up in elements of heavy metal and punk.  It’s a subgenre of Chiptune that focuses on games like Mario to pull files from, played over or with features of typical rock instrumentation. Often played live using an actual game boy device, this genre exemplifies 90s nostalgia

6) Epic Doom-Metal – While being able to distinguish Epic Doom-Metal from regular Doom-Metal is not something I am at all capable of doing, the main difference is in the main singer. The vocals are supposed to be more operatic and clean rather than raspy vocals of your everyday Doom-Metal.

7) Lowercase – This genre is silence. Just silence. Sometimes it is interrupted by a noise that is barely audible, but that could just be your imagination running away with you. It is ambient minimalism to the extreme, simply silence broken into designated chunks of time. If you’d like to create your own Lowercase, set a timer for however long you would like and plug your ears to hear your blood pumping.