December 13, 2014 / 2:12 pm

Top 14 Things that Happened in 2014

14. Gilmore Girls was added to Netflix

13. The cover band at O’neills

12. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video

11. Kanye and Kim’s ridiculous wedding

10. When Andrew McMahon faved my tweet

9. Serial

8. When Biz Markie opened for the free Young the Giant concert at the auditorium and his hype man yelled “do you guys know the Beatles?” and then played “Imagine.”

7. #turnipforwhat

6. When Lauren Conrad married the guitarist from Something Corporate

5. When Jose Canseco’s finger fell off during a poker game

4. Igloo Australia

3. When my insta of sushi at Hyde Park made it on Infatuation

2. Too Many Cooks

1. This now classic NYT article by Maureen Dowd