Thom Yorke’s At It Again: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

The illustrious Thom Yorke followed the likes of Aphex Twin, Beyoncé, and more unfortunately Bono by suddenly releasing an album Friday afternoon. Ensuing Yorke’s and producer Nigel Godrich’s mysterious sharing photos of a white album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes showed up for listeners to download on BitTorrent. Adding to the new age techniques of music industry marketing you can purchase the album for 6 dollars off of the site similar to Bandcamp. It seems non advertisement and ambiguous marketing techniques are on an upward trend across the industry (Aphex Twin’s blimp over London to name one).

Yorke will receive 90 percent of the sales from the album cutting out the middle men trying to cash in on the creative genius of artists. The eight track album will leave devout Radiohead fans with some tunes to mull over still waiting for the band to drop and new album. Radiohead hasn’t formally published anything together since 2011 The King of Limbs, yetYorke collaborated previously with Flea to form Atoms For Peace and release AMOK. The band started recording their new album together in September, so we’ll have to wait in apprehension for its release (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Take a listen to the first track of the album here: