December 10, 2015 / 3:52 am

These are the only albums you can listen to while successfully writing a paper

In the past 21 years of my life, specifically the past four, I have written a considerable amount of research papers, essays, articles, lists, scrawling on legal pad paper, notes and more research papers. I have also been conducting HIGHLY scientific research and I have concluded that the following are the only albums you can really listen to if you want to write a good paper.

The Antlers- Familiars

This album is the definition of low key and once I wrote a 8-page paper about Edward Snowden and the NSA and inter-and-intra-governmental surveillance and how it relates to journalism while listening to this album on repeat for a very long time. Must listen: Parade

Jay Z and Kanye West- Watch the Throne

No I’m not kidding. These songs are motivating, all have great beats, and are like the Red Bull your body needs without pouring carbonated chemicals down your throat. Must Listen: Primetime

Coldplay- A Rush Of Blood To The Head

There was once a time when Chris Martin wasn’t singing terrible songs about maybe, probably doing it with Jennifer Lawrence. That time was 2002.¬†Must Listen: The¬†Scientist

Death Cab For Cutie- The Photo Album

In my opinion, the most underrated Death Cab album. They still have the raw sound from their early days and there’s just so much angst and frustration and I love it. Must Listen: Blacking Out The Friction

Frankie Cosmos- Separation Anxiety

Sometimes I listen to the albums on the Frankie Cosmos bandcamp that Greta just recorded in her room and uploaded and I see that it’s from 2012 and it’s just like….same. This album is particularly sad, but it’s also exactly what you need when you’ve reached that point in writing that you just can’t go on. But you can and you will and it will all be ok. Must Listen: song i wrote on the train back from your house

Ben Gibbard Live from the 9:30 Club


If these aren’t doing the trick, check out this playlist we made. If that’s not working either, maybe study somewhere else.