June 29, 2015 / 2:56 pm

The O.C. is Being Remade Into a Musical

Welcome to The O.C.: The Musical, bitch.

In a slow news week, this would have made the headlines, but understandably, after a week like we just had, the best teen drama, ever, being remade into a musical isn’t exactly headline worthy. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly exciting news that some nostalgic directors are currently holding open cast calls for the core four (I guess this is before Marissa meets her fate? RIP)

Seth Cohen 2.0, call me.

Once again, we can collectively shake our heads as Marissa drinks alone, Seth and Summer epitomize #relationshipgoals and finally Sandy’s eyebrows will be fully appreciated as we are in peak #fleek eyebrow culture.

According to Noisey, only three characters have been cast so far, mean jock gone nice guy once everyone finds out his dad is gay, Luke Ward, pre-pinot-guzzling or post-rehab Kirsten Cohen, as well as the show’s creator Josh Schwartz. The musical is directed by Jordan Ross and produced by Lindsey Rosin, who also brought us the much less-anticipated Cruel Intentions: The Musical.

O.C. The Musical will run one night and one night only in LA on August 30. My birthday is August 4th, in case anyone is interested in getting me plane tickets to LAX and tickets to the musical. California here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

In anticipation for the show of the year (which will hopefully be such a hit that it tours across the country), I’ve made a list of the songs that need to be included in the musical in order to truly make it The Best Ever.

1. California-Phantom Planet

Like duh, “California” is to the O.C. as bagels are to the Cohen family. Fun fact: the song was supposed to only be used for the pilot episode.

2. A Lack of Color-Death Cab For Cutie

I know technically they never actually played this song on the show, but Seth refers to it in his perfect Chrismukkah present (The Seth Cohen Starter Pack) to his two suitors, Summer and Anna. Also this is my favorite Death Cab song.

3. Dice- Finley Quaye

“However you spend your New Years is how the rest of your year will turn out!” Ok that’s a paraphrase, but that chilling message alone sent Ryan running across Orange County and up a million flights of stairs to crazy Oliver’s penthouse New Years party to sweep Marissa off her feet and the clock struck midnight. Classic scene. Well done Ryan, Marissa never deserved you.

4. No Rain- Blind Melon

“No Rain” is the first song in hands down the GREATEST episode of the O.C. ever, season 2 episode 14 “The Rainy Day Woman” This song plays as Seth tries to get Ryan to walk 25 feet in the rain from the pool house to the main house so that Seth can whine about Summer going to Italy for Zach’s (ugh) sister’s wedding.Even wiggling with a bowl of bagels doesn’t convince Ryan. It would convince me.

5. Champagne Supernova- Matt Pond PA

This song too was featured in above stated Best Episode Ever, but at the end of the episode when Summer leaves the airport because she finally realizes that Zach is pretty lame and that she loves Seth. Summer runs through the rain to find Seth dangling from the roof from when he was trying to fix the satellite dish (soooo 2004). They kiss, I cry, every time.

6 .Speeding Cars-Imogen Heap

The graduation episode! Wow the core four graduated in one piece (and somehow all from the same school). Taylor gives a great graduation speech (“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”) and then the Cohen’s take some adorable selfies. They better include this song in the musical.

7. Forever Young-Youth Group

Ryan and Marissa’s ~couple’s song~ It came on the radio and Marissa said it would be their song, because usually that’s how real life works, not just teen soap opera life, right?

8. Mr. Brightside- The Killers

The O.C. obviously had a great soundtrack, but what was really cool about the show is that they got a bunch of bands to play live at the Bait Shop. Modest Mouse, the Walkmen and even the Killers played on the show. For all the dramatic deaths and binge-drinking scenes, The O.C. really tried to do something different with the music they featured on the show.

9. Fix You- Coldplay

RIP Caleb. Hello Kirsten’s drinking problem. Goodbye Julie Cooper’s second attempt at becoming a ~real~ Orange County housewife. See ya at the trailer park!

10. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley

RIP Marissa, possibly the most traumatic scene of television my teen self had ever witnessed. I can see the scene play out on stage- Volchuck hits the car and Ryan is holding Marissa and behind the main stage the rest of the characters slowly rise behind them and sing this song.