May 14, 2017 / 9:37 pm

The (New) Gang Makes A Playlist

It’s the time of year for change! The flowers are finally blooming, WIUX is moving into Franklin Hall, and we’re welcoming in a new board of directors. We came together to create a playlist of songs for the season that will help you get to know each of us a little better. Enjoy this playlist at the beach, in the park, or any time you’re missing that oddly comfortable white couch in our living room. See you in the Fall!


Ben Kessler- Music Director

“’New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down’ is one of the first songs that got me into music way back in the year of 2013. Whenever I show someone the song they always say, ‘Well… that’s depressing’, but I think that it’s a song that has a build up to one perfect moment of clarity. It’s the perfect end for Sound of Silver to ride off into the sunset. I also own a shirt of it… so there’s that.”

Sam Winkhouse- Production Director

“I put ‘Poli High’ by Harry Nilsson. It’s a goofy song with some really cool harmonies and a part of an album called The Point! that tells a kid-like, fairytale story. They even made an animated film to go with the album! Cool!”

Mike Higgins- Special Events Director

“Track 1: ‘I Was Feeling Down, I Found a Nice Witch and We’re Friends’ by In Love With a Ghost – A song with a very interesting title and a cute, nostalgic sound. The track comes off of French artist In Love With a Ghost’s new album Healing. The song reminds me of when I was a little kid and used to go on adventures in the woods with friends. Track 2: ‘Down the Line’ by Beach Fossils- This is the newest single from Beach Fossils. I’ve waited many many years for a new Beach Fossils, and I’m very excited.”

Morgan Hunt- Blog Director

“I chose Kanye West’s classic ‘Devil in a New Dress’ off the historic release that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Whenever people ask that dumb question about what song would play every time that you walk into a room, I always answer this. This song is an underrated classic. I also saw Kanye perform this song for the first time in six years when he played it in Indianapolis, so that gives it an even more special connection to me.”

Amanda Martinez- Sales Director 

“‘The Suburbs’ by Arcade Fire, I’ve been listening to this album a lot recently because it perfectly brings to light the fears of growing older and settling down in life. This so’ng reminds me to take a breath every once in a while & see the beauty in life.”

Dalia Erkman- Music Director 

“‘Anita’ by Smino. All I have to say is that this song represents the beginning of a more diverse WIUX.”

Mitchell Banks- Special Programming Director 

“(“Percolator” by Charly Bliss) In a musical era where rock music is rarely in the spotlight, Brooklyn power-pop band Charly Bliss are an excellent example that there are still some extremely worthy contenders for rock royalty. The opening track “Percolator” on their exceptional debut album Guppy both embraces and throws back to guitar-driven 90s rock in a way that channels a happy, summery feeling that makes it impossible to resist banging your head or pumping your fist in the air in… wait for it… bliss.”

Ethan Brown- Mobile DJ Director 

” ‘Chorus’ by Holly Herndon – If you follow dance music you may have heard someone say “This track is really functional” ie it’s built to get people going on the dance floor. Chorus is not that type of track. Holly Herndon weaves her own vocals with hypnotic, driving production. There aren’t many artists that can write music that works just as well in a club as in a bedroom, but Holly’s hit that sweet spot. Chorus is intensely complex and wonderful and I can’t stop listening to it. It appears on her full length album Platform which is similarly excellent.”

Nick Kinney- Chief Engineer 

“‘Hot Fun in the Summertime’ by Sky and the Family Stone. It’s a great, lighthearted song that will go perfectly with any summertime activity!”

Emily Abshire- Art Director 

“‘San Tropez’ by Pink Floyd – A song that sounds just like the beautiful, carefree beach life it’s describing.”

Joey Miller- IT Director 

“‘Bright Lights in Silent Rooms’ by HOME comes from his third album, Falling into Place. HOME uses sounds reminiscent of vintage synths from decades past, and is best known for ‘Resonance’ (featured in the Vine with the woman and her cat).”

Emily Miles- Social Media Director 

“‘İkimiz Bir Fidanın’ by Kâmuran Akkor – First of all, this jam describes two people in love as branches of a sapling growing roses, which is pretty novel. It’s beautiful at first and then painful when you read the lyrics a little closer. This is true of most Turkish disco and psych rock from the era. Though it’s prime for boogying in a leisure suit, it’s also poetry that’ll rip tears out of you.”

Matt Hamilton- PR Director 

“What makes ‘Águas de Março’ so great isn’t the fact that it’s a simple, easygoing song with sunny vibes, but rather that it puts you in an easygoing, sunny mood. It’s no wonder why the Brazilian imported song has been covered as much as it has.”

Lindsey Danos- B-Side Programming Director 

“‘On Top’ by Hoops – great song, great message, great album, great band, great to listen to on your porch in the sweet sweet sunshine. I also added ‘Sunny Duet’ by Noname because no playlist feels right if she’s not on it.”

Conor Wiegmann- 99.1 Programming Director 

“‘Wait a Minute’- Willow. When I first found Willow I thought it was a new Scandinavian band, but it turned out to be Willow Smith and I was surprisingly impressed.”

Julian Epp- Blog Director 

“‘Kill Jill’- Big Boi feat. Killer Mike & Jeezy. I think this has one of the best, most unique beats of 2017. On top of that, it’s Jeezy, Killer Mike, and Big Boi- what more can you want?”