The Good, the Bad, and the Strange

Looking for some new tunes for this fine weekend to play at your party? Trying to get everyone out of the party because it’s 5 a.m. and you’re a respectable human being that wants sleep? Trying let your inner weirdo brightly shine through? Well, this new series of weekly posts have all sorts of goodies for listening needs of all shapes, sizes, tastes, textures, and [insert whatever descriptive adjective you like].

The Good:

About a week and a half ago Foxygen released their newest album …And Star Power, which is nothing short of cosmically enticing. “How Can You Really Be” is an upbeat dance tune touching on a heavy topic most of us can relate to: ill-fated lovers. That person you can’t help but to love even when you know you shouldn’t love them, somehow you still do.

Panda Bear – Faces In The Crowd

Earlier this week Panda Bear announced the release date of his upcoming album and gave a four track EP in promotion. Faces In The Crowd, has the usual psychedelic and spacey overtures mixed with upbeat dancy beats that you can help, but to jig and jive to. An instant crowd pleasure for sure, actually all the songs of the EP are pretty rad.

The Bad:

The Chemical Brothers, Miguel, and Lorde recently collaborated on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hunger Games movie. I know this may piss some of you viewers off, but I can’t really get behind this collaboration. The songs catchy and The Chemical Brothers don’t disappoint with the beats behind the track, but Miguel’s and Lorde’s voices together do not click what so every for me.

The Strange:

Les Claypool is at it again, and it typical eccentric form I might add. The Rolling Stone # 5 bassist of all time has been known to have some oddities in his music, but I think this by a far margin tops them. I’m not saying the Willy Wonka inspired album is good or bad, it can just get “interesting” for a lack of a better word at points. Check it out the whole Primus & The Chocolate Factory album out on Spotify and see for yourself.