October 31, 2017 / 12:20 pm

The GOATs of Hip Hop Halloweens

Hip-hop is known for its outrageous fashion and showy performances, so it’s no surprise that Halloween becomes the time for many rappers (and their families) to shine. Here are a few of my absolute favorites in no particular order:

Drake as Borat 

This is nothing more than a fucking hilarious costume and a glimpse into what Drake will look like at age 54.

Keri Helson & Serge Ibaka as Nefertiti and a pharoah 

This is so good because Keri and her boo actually look like royalty. There’s many more pictures of them posing on the horse, but I’ll leave that for you to look up.

Fabolous and family as The Addams Family 

This is actually an incredible costume. I love the fact that they made someone be Cousin IT. There’s no way that kid is having any fun tonight.

Snoop Dogg as The Count 


Tyga and crew as Dipset

I hate Tyga, but I am LIVING for this.

Kimye as a mermaid and sailor

I’m only putting this on here because I love imagining the conversation that took place to get this to happen.

Diddy as “The King of Harlem”

I’m scream-laughing right now.

Diddy as Prince

He makes the list again because this is ridiculous even for the Playboy Mansion Halloween party that he wore it to.

Honorable Mention:

Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman 

I’m only including this because of the Yeezus promotional video that featured Scott in this costume and I love the idea of wearing the costume for a role that you were cast as.