October 13, 2015 / 3:04 am

The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

Released 9/25/15


The last time we saw Jack White he was High-Ball-Stepping his way to the top of the charts. Lazaretto, his solo album released in June of 2014, was fantastic. One haircut, one project, and one drum set later Jack White is back. The apple isn’t falling very far from the Lazaretto, either.

This is the third full LP credited to The Dead Weather. It’s a fitting title for the deadly cluster of artists who’ve already made their fame elsewhere. White takes a seat behind the drums, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age fame wears an explosive guitar, and White’s Raconteurs bandmate Jack Lawrence fills out the bass while The Kills’ lead singer Alison Mosshart lends her sinister vocal delivery. The strings are thick, the pockets are tight, and the vocals are dominant.

In an interview with Reddit last year, Robert Plant had this to say about the former White Stripes front man,

“I love Jack White’s buccaneer spirit, the way he dodges through musical horizons.”

Well Mr. Plant, if White’s a buccaneer, this album is his cannonball. Each track courses with the venom that we’ve come to expect from the supergroup. The guitars crash almost as hard as the drums do, and while the solos may not drop any jaws, they’ll sure break a few. The Dead Weather will ease you in with a beat and layer on a screaming riff only to make way for Mosshart to sing like the pistol-packing lovechild of Stevie Nicks and Ozzie Osbourne. These guys could take the hum of a cranked up amplifier and turn it into a soundtrack of spring-loaded chaos.

Here’s the rundown:

  1. I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
  2. Buzzkill(er)
  3. Let Me Through
  4. Three Dollar Hat
  5. Lose The Right
  6. Rough Detective
  7. Open Up
  8. Be Still
  9. Mile Markers
  10. Cop and Go
  11. Too Bad
  12. Impossible Winner

The band isn’t straying too far from their previous sounds, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? The Dead Weather starts the listener off with arguably the best song on the album in “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”. Send this one through your headphones, go for a walk, and tell me you don’t feel as confident as Donald Trump is in his toupee. “Mile Markers” and “Three Dollar Hat” are lyrically captivating, and the soulful outro of “Impossible Winner” is executed with another level of class. Don’t miss this album.

Give these three a look:

“Open Up”

“Mile Markers”

“I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”