#TBT Thee Tsunamis – Delirium and Dark Waters EP


Delirium and Dark Waters EP is this week’s throwback album. As the title itself hints, it is a lo-fi soaked album with haunted beach vibes. It was released in March of 2014 on Magnetic South Records by Bloomington’s own three piece bubblegum surf rock girl group Thee Tsunamis.

The EP was originally released on 500 slime green 7” vinyl record, making the record  both unique sounding and looking. The opening track from Thee Tsunamis’ Delirium and Dark Waters EP is “Haunted House” which is riddled with lo-fi surf punk fuzz. What is spookier than a haunted house? Well, maybe plenty of things.

The entire album is just eery enough that it would be a great soundtrack for a cult classic campy 50’s style horror film.  “Down at The Swamp” Josie declare her love for a swamp monster “he’s not like other men, he’s nine feet tall” and that she “wants to be [his] girl.” “Spellcaster Lounge” is the most bubblegum pop infused song on the album, adding a bit of swing. It is almost sultry. The final track of the EP is “Psycho” confirms that although Thee Tsunamis are landlocked in southern Indiana, they have carried the vibe of the beach all the way here to Bloomington.

You can stream the entire EP on their bandcamp for free.

The track listing is as follows:

1)      Haunted House

2)      Down at The Swamp

3)      Spellcaster Lounge

4)      Psycho