February 18, 2015 / 1:12 pm

#tbt (2011) Givers – In Light

Released: June 7, 2011


Since it has become officially a dark, cold, and snowy winter in Bloomington, Indiana; for this week’s throwback review I thought a little warmth, sunshine and light would be appreciated. In Light (2011)is Givers’ debut, and only, album – although they did release a self-titled EP in 2009. Formed in 2008, Givers is a feel good lo-fi indie-pop band that hails from Lafayette, Louisiana made up of Tiffany Lamson, Taylor Guarisco, Kirby Campbell, Josh LeBlanc and Nick Stephan. In Light was recorded at Dockside Studios in Louisiana through Glassnote Records.

In Light is the sounds of warmth and excitement in a summertime love. It is dense, uplifting, sun-streaked music that feels giddy. Slightly exotic island pop – like Dirty Projectors and Vampire Weekend had a ukulele playing baby. What truly grabs the attention is Tiffany Lanson’s voice, it is sweet, rough and unique to their sound.

A stand out from In Light is the ecstatic love song “Saw You First.” After building up to a cacophony of audible excitement, the instrumentation drops off leaving Lanson singing, “I know there’s a light inside us,” before bursting forth for the second part of the stanza “I saw you first it was in a dream.” “In Our Eyes” features a dash of an afro-pop that complements the sunny sonic mix. “Atlantic” begins as a soft ballad like napping in a hammock and slowly gains energy.

Although, throughout the album the lyrics become relatively repetitive to the point of being chant-like in nature, it doesn’t seem stagnant. And this proves true in the band’s great live energetic performances.

You might have seen Givers when they opened for Dirty Projectors or when they opened for Ra Ra Riot, but is you missed it, fear not! Givers are hopping around the festival circuit this year. Not only will they be at Eaux Claires (Wisconsin) this summer but they will also be at Festival Internationale (Louisiana), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Lousiana), and Wakarusa (Arkansas). This isn’t their first time on the festival game having performed at Austin City Limits in 2010, Coachella in 2012 and Lollapalooza in 2012. But with such a busy summertime season this year, I can only hope a new album will be on the way soon.

So, while these winter days trudge on, here is the track list for In Light so at least the sounds of sunshine will encompass you.

1)      Up Up Up

2)      Meantime

3)      Saw You First

4)      Ripe

5)      Noche Nada

6)      Ceiling of Plankton

7)      In My Eyes

8)      Atlantic

9)      Goo Out All Night

10)   Words