December 7, 2014 / 1:35 pm

Talking is Hard- Walk the Moon

Released: 12/2/2014

Stars 4/7

Dust off those purple spandex, find that fanny pack, and get ready to dance your way back to the 80’s with the new release from Walk the Moon, Talking Is Hard. Coming off the highly successful self-titled debut album, Walk the Moon got back in the studio earlier this year to see if they could possibly overcome the sophomore slump.

Sadly, this album falls a little short.

Deciding to go with Tim Pagnotta, former front man of Sugarcult, definitely impacted their sound and gave it a pop feel. Tim has worked with other artists such as Neon Trees and this album meshes those sounds together in one big synth pop dance fest. Synth solos and drum machine beats will give you a little look at back at the golden age of New Wave-Alternative, and leave one to question the awesomeness of a synthesizer solo.

Half the time while listening to this album I just wanted to “Shut Up and Dance” (ironically), but the other half of the time I felt myself questioning their lyrical content. While Walk the Moon is known for the randomness in their lyrics, this album had three main themes. Money, dancing, and a shallow relationship. The content at times just got so cheesy especially in “Spend Your $$$.” The songs that stand out are typically focused in their lyrical approach.

Some of the highlights are what I came to expect from a Walk the Moon album: fast tempos, huge beats, and a solid rhythm bass were evident throughout the entire album. Some songs just simply didn’t capture me and were bland. There is definitely good in this album though. It is a pop record and there wasn’t much room to expand from that. It’s not as good as there last album, but this one will make you dance just like your parents did back in the day.


My Favorite Songs:

“Shut Up and Dance” – The title speaks for itself.

“Avalanche” – This sounds like a typical Walk the Moon, and is a perfect blend of pop and alternative.

“Aqua man” – Slower, and showcases the vocals.