December 17, 2017 / 8:16 pm

Surf Rock Sunday Week 2

Welcome back friends for week TWO of Surf Rock Sunday. I hope you all finessed your finals and are now sipping eggnog and enjoying the luxury of showering without shoes on. Here’s a second batch of surf rock songs to bring some sunshine into your life. As always, you can listen to the featured songs ~below~. Enjoy.


California Sun – Ramones

“California Sun” was originally written by Joe Jones in 1961, and made popular by The Rivieras in 1964 with their more rock version. There have been many covers of this song, but the Ramones version is my favorite by far. I first heard this song in Urban Outfitters and had one of those moments where you rip your phone out of your pocket and try to catch the very end of a song on Shazam before it’s out of your life forever. I could tell it was the Ramones by the yelling intro, but had never heard the song before. I didn’t even know it was a cover until my mom knew all the words in the car and told me I was incredibly wrong. Oh and this is a really fun and easy song to learn on the guitar if you’re into that kind of thing.


Stoned Fruit – Soaked Oats

Soaked Oats, what a strange name. It makes me a little uncomfy for some reason. I’m really into their new album called Stoned Fruit Melodies, featuring my personal favorite song, “Stoned Fruit”. Soaked Oats is a relatively new band from New Zealand. They currently only have about 15 songs on Spotify, and sound a bit like a hyper Mac Demarco. If this band hasn’t caught your attention by now, check out the song “Avocado Aficionado”, it’s thrilling really.


Silhouettes – Colony House

“Silhouettes” is Colony House’s most popular song, and appears on their 2014 album, When I Was Younger. Colony House was originally called Caleb, and only changed their name in 2013 when they decided to take on a slightly different sound. This song is extremely upbeat and has bright sunshiny guitar. “Silhouettes” has really good memories for me. I remember always blasting it out of my open windows while I drove out to this lake by my house to go boating.


Blonde Blood – Boyscott

Ok I’ll admit it, I first listened to this song because I’m blonde and I was intrigued. And it just so happened that it lived up to my standards and made the list. “Blonde Blood” is a lot softer and more relaxing than the three previous songs and will instantly chill you out. There is something about this guy’s voice that just makes you feel relaxed. If you enjoyed this song, check out “Marco Polo”. The whole album is good to listen to if you need chill music while doing homework.


Way Too Much – Wavves

Back to the fast guitar riffs with this one. “Way Too Much” is my favorite Wavves song, but “Pony” is a close second. I am a big fan of “Nine is God”, but it does not feel surf-y to me, so we won’t include that here. The music video for “Way Too Much” was really bizarre. It featured a lot of huge wrestlers just throwing crap at each other. I’m not really sure how it goes with the song, but I mean hey, whatever they think is cool.


After The Moment – Craft Spells

I have been blasting this in my car for a few weeks now.  “After the Moment” is from 2011, so I guess I’m just out of the loop because I only recently started loving it. This song is extremely catchy to me and I can’t not dance when I listen to it. It gives me weird 80s vibes for some reason, and it is always going through my head. However, I listened to other Craft Spells songs and I wasn’t that impressed, so I guess they are just a one hit wonder for me. The only other song I slightly liked was “Party Talk”, but I don’t think I would recommend any of their other songs to people besides “After the Moment”.


Days – The Drums

Another chill song for you here with “Days” by the Drums. The Drums are a really quality surf rock band, and they remind me a lot of older, 50’s style music. If you thought “Days” was catchy, I would recommend listening to “Blood Under my Belt” or “Let’s Go Surfing”. The Drums also released a new full length album titled Abysmal Thoughts in June.