March 3, 2014 / 7:33 pm

Support WIUX B-Side this Thursday at “Acoustic Night”

WIUX B-Side and Poppy House invite you to “Acoustic Night” this Thursday, March 6 at Rachel’s Café. Poppy House, a non-profit music management promotions and events organization that strives to promote local Bloomington musicians is helping WIUX promote B-Side Internet radio.

“We’re trying to build the B-Side brand this semester,” B-Side director Augustus Sherfick said. “You’re going to see the kinds of artists in person that you’ll hear play on B-Side.”

The night will kick off at 8 p.m. and acts will start at 8:30 p.m. Aaron Frazer will play music until 9 p.m., followed by 10 minutes of comedy by Collin Thomas. Crescent Ulmer will play for 30 minutes, the Parody Covers: Kyli and Thomas of Backdoor Comedy will play for 15 minutes. Gloria Bangiola will end the night with 30 minutes of acoustic tunes.

The free event will be a “direct representation of what to expect” with B-Side, Sherfick said.

“You’ll have to keep your pants on, even though Aaron [Frazer] will be there” Sherfick said. “But sometimes pants are cool, so wear awesome pants.”

While WIUX 99.1 offers a student presentation of a standard radio station, B-Side is “where it can get crazy,” Sherfick said.

“B-Side is the college experience,” Sherfick said. “Profanity, experimentation, that off the cuff feel of an end to adolescence and a beginning to adulthood…This is an in-person representation of a free form online creative channel.”