March 27, 2016 / 9:39 pm

Standards-Into It. Over It.


Released: 3/11/2016 via Triple Crown Records

5/7 stars

Into it. Over it. That’s the name of Chicago musician Evan Thomas Weiss’s rock solo project. Admittedly, I was not prepared for Into It. Over It. being an underground punk-emo performer. Not usually one for emo-rock, I found myself pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Weiss is multi-talented as a musician: vocals, guitar, bass, and other instruments round out his diverse sound.

On March 11, Into It. Over It. released their newest album, Standards, which will be followed by a tour this spring. Rumors confirmed, Weiss really did isolate himself in a cabin in the woods to connect with his own feelings to create this album. In collaboration with drummer Joshua Sparks, Weiss created a 12-track album flush with organic and loose melodies. The overarching theme is to “just go with it.” Aside from the beautiful soundscape Weiss paints for us with the use of guitars, synth, drum and a touch of piano, lyrically the album takes the listener through the emotional rollercoaster that is the rise and fall of a relationship.

The album stays mysterious in nature, allowing the listener not only to interpret the lyrics as applicable to their personal life, but also create meaning out of the guitar riffs and unanticipated bursts of strings. The album is methodical, and yet flows so easily and effortlessly and is subtly angsty.

The song “Open Casket” resonated with me – calm guitar backdrop over Weiss’ voice, which reminds me vaguely of Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard. Another track on the album “Closing Argument” takes a different route – a bit more angsty, more guitar driven, heavy drums. Later in the record, “Old Lace and Ivory,” is so refreshingly beautiful in melody, with Weiss plucking at a guitar, light drums, and a woman’s voice providing an angelic backdrop. Similar to Modern Baseball lyrically, I find myself understanding what “renewed emo” means as a genre, and I like it. Don’t let “genres” or labels like “emo revival” scare you away from listening to this album. It is beautifully produced and written and will tug at least a few heartstrings along the way.