St. Vincent Blesses Us With New Track “Teenage Talk”

Critically acclaimed guitar hero and alien cult leader Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent had an incredible 2014 with the release of her fourth solo album St. Vincent and is already off to another incredible year in 2015 with the release of her deluxe edition of her self-titled and a Grammy win.

I honestly thought with all the work she has accomplished lately and with the success of her latest release as well as the extension of her tour she would finally take a break. But alas, I woke up yesterday morning to the announcement Annie had released yet another track. We are honestly not worthy of any of this. She keeps giving us music and I don’t know what to do with myself.

Annie had originally recorded the song to be featured on HBO’s Girls, so the track was definitely meant to be a little angsty and poppy. The song has an overall ethereal coming-of-age tune. The lyrics really take you through a wave of nostalgia of, well, what its like to be a teenager and all the over excitable things we did and talked about. The song is more autobiographical than some of her others which take on a sort of fictional storytelling. There isn’t much of a guitar riff on this track, which is what her fans usually crave, but her signature poetic and slightly “off” songwriting is prominent. The album artwork features a picture of young Annie Clark performing a song in her bedroom with her childhood friend. The release of this song really is an intimate look into the adolescence of a woman who seems from another world.

Not only had I been listening to the track all day and began instantly memorizing everything about it, I later found out that she was performing it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that same night. She went on stage with a whole new look than we are used to seeing. Annie took it upon herself to leave her guitar at home and bring with her some back up dancers, further establishing her as more of a pop star in her own right. And that is alright with me. Annie Clark doing any sort of choreography is a beautiful thing.