February 4, 2016 / 1:24 pm

St. Lucia – Matter

Released: 1/29/2016

4/7 stars

Power synths is making a comeback and it has been a long two years since St. Lucia has made any new music in the genre. Jean-Philip Grobler, otherwise known by stage name St. Lucia, released his second indie synth-pop driven album, Matter, on Jan. 29. This album, a followup to the debut album, When the Night is sure not to disappoint loyal fans. The sophomore album brings out all the best themes of St. Lucia and the eighties: bedazzled melodies and layers upon layers of intricate details built around catchy hooks and uplifting synthesizers.

Grobler, born in South Africa, prides St. Lucia on successfully collaborating 80’s pop with alternative rock and a slight touch of the tropics. Many guest writers appeared on this album to create a well-rounded set: Tim Pagnotta from Walk the Moon and Jack Antonoff from Fun. and Bleachers, to mention a few. The high-energy liveliness of the album starts on the first track and does not take a break for the entire album. The premiere single off the album “Dancing on Glass” is upbeat, fun, and almost glittery in sound. The album does not really deviate from that theme, yet somehow that is perfectly fine.

Over all of this though, St. Lucia is known for their spectacular live shows. The group is outstanding live and this album will be sure to provide a dynamic concert, packed with electro pop certain to move bodies on the dance floor. I can imagine this album performed live by Grobler, who never seems to run out of energy. If you have not seen St. Lucia live before, especially after this album packed with bangers, add it to your bucket list.

Says Grobler of the second album: “On the last record, I was trying to fit every instrument on every track, layering all these lush sounds. If the last album sounded like the tropics, this album is the desert.”


Tracks to Listen to:


“Dancing on Glass”


“Help Me Run Away”