January 17, 2015 / 12:40 pm

Sophia Grace, Leviathan

Once there were two girls named Sophia Grace and Rosie who covered “Super Bass” on Ellen and whatever–

Released on January 7, eleven-year-old Sophia Grace’s “Best Friends” has been immediately exalted as a second “Lifestyle,” the new fruit of the lotus-eaters, on account of its tingling virulence and the fact that one may sincerely, haplessly enjoy it despite all logic and taste. Perhaps regrettably, the lyrics here don’t need to be Rap Genius’d because they’re totally articulate and lacking ambiguity or hype, a.k.a. club material, b.k.a. The Weeknd needs to come through with the remix. Still, Sophia Grace = Thugger with frosting.

A song, “All Tongues Toward,” from Leviathan’s next album Scar Sighted (March 3, Profound Lore) was released on January 15. Upon listening, my first sensation (after annoyance with the kvlt sample at the beginning and again near the end) was immaculate gravity as I submitted to the blanket of livid noise, noise like Bosse-de-Nage, Bréag Naofa and Mamiffer all at once, silvery, strong-willed and thundering, and literally put my head down in meditation. My second sensation was an overwhelming gratitude to musicians and to labels. “All Tongues Toward” makes a massive thing because it effortlessly recalls art and its significance, how amazing it is that human beings have generated and sensed and honed beauties.