Songs for Spooky Times

Happy Halloween week, you little ghouls! In need of some tunes to get you in the holiday spirit? Look no further! Play this mix at all your parties/séances and you’ll for sure be voted Spookiest Kid 2014 (not a real award but I think it totally should be).

1. “Season Of The Witch”-Donovan

We all need some Donovan in our lives. You can’t go wrong with this classic. For full effectiveness, I’d suggest blasting this from a boombox as you walk across campus. Let people know you’re here, you’re witchy, and you’re ready to party.

2. “I Put A Spell On You”-Nina Simone

As all good witches know, the best way to make someone love you is to cast a powerful love spell on him/her—I have several you can borrow if such things interest you. This Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song transforms from a campy spectacle to a serious and foreboding love song in the hands of Nina Simone. Her sultry vocals cast a sort of spell themselves.

3. “Dearly Departed”-Shakey Graves

A song full of ghostly moans, hand claps, and tales of haunted houses—what’s not to love? If you want to really get down this Halloween, I’d say this is a must for your party mix.

4. “Spooky”-Dusty Springfield

Maybe this autumn has brought around a new l-u-v. Perhaps you’re not sure where it’s headed. Maybe your new cutie keeps you guessing. Just follow Dusty’s groovy lead and go with it. After all, what’s spookier than love?

5. “Seven Devils”-Florence +The Machine

Do you guys remember Florence + The Machine? This track off her last album is legitimately creepy. Her wailing vocals mixed with the repetitive piano melody work to create an unsettling song that nevertheless retains the sort of ethereal beauty Flo is known for. This would be a great background track for any occult business you might be getting up to (i.e. opening portals to the ghost world, resurrecting the dead, etc.)

6. “Monster Mash”-Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Did you really think I’d leave this CLASSIC out? This 1962 hit has endured for some reason, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Legend has it (and mental_floss confirms) that “Monster Mash” was banned by BBC radio for being “too morbid.” Perhaps the prime audience for this song has moved on, but if you play this at your party, I guarantee at least one person will still be dancing (assuming I’m invited).

I hope this handful of songs gets you in the right frame of mind to have a frightfully good time–couldn’t help it.