March 24, 2015 / 9:03 pm

Some Ultimate “Would You Rather” Questions

would you rather


This is a complied list of “would you rathers.” Use to find out the intimate details of the inner workings of your friend’s minds. The best “would you rathers,” in my opinion, are the type of questions that you would never actually have to face in normal life but might cause strife when discussed. If asked correctly, the game of “would you rather” could get you in more fights than an average game of monopoly. So grab your friends and hash it out.
Would you rather:

  1. Glow in the dark or always have a sharpened pencil when you need it?
  2. Get a side hug from Pete Townshend circa 1971 or a side hug from Ringo Starr circa 1968?
  3. Have legs for fingers or fingers for legs?
  4. Never be able to eat bread again or never be able to eat things that are the color green again?
  5. Have a lavender tongue or purple eyes?
  6. Have free pizza for a month but not be able to share it or free corn on the cob for a year but be able to share it?
  7. Snore like a small dino or sleep talk in spanish?
  8. Never be allowed to be in a car again or always have to skip instead of walk?
  9. Have every bread product you eat have to be naan or never eat berries again?
  10. Have spaghetti as hair or marshmallows as fingers?
  11. Be able to breath underwater or be fluent in English, Spanish and German?
  12. Be able to talk to dogs or talk to birds?
  13. Have written “The Great Gatsby” or have written “Hey Jude”? (Either case you are still you)
  14. To have a laugh that sounds like a phone ringing or a laugh that sounds like a dog barking?
  15. Only listen to reggae music or only listen to jazz music?
  16. Have green tears or blue spit?
  17. Tell your mom each time you go to the bathroom or need to draw a picture of a cat each time you see a cat?
  18. Never have a window in the room where you sleep or never be allowed to use pens or pencils?
  19. Never drink coffee again or never eat Mexican food again?
  20. Never be allowed to have a pet again or if for every pet you have you also need to own a turtle?
  21. Have to go back, right now, to repeat the 7th grade or be terribly afraid of trees?
  22. Win a national rhythmic gymnastics tournament or win a roller disco contest?
  23. Have a 5 foot vertical jump or a 7 foot horizontal leap?
  24. Never be able to leave town for the next 15 years or never be able to live in one place for more than 3 months?
  25. Smell numbers or taste colors?

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