June 22, 2015 / 11:01 pm

Some Ultimate “Would You Rather” Questions (Part 2)

Did you read part one? No? Well stop, go do that one first. See you in a bit.


Welcome back! Have fun discovering more about youself, and maybe more about your friends. Okay?

Would you rather:

1. Never be allowed to drink carbonated things again or never eat anything red ever again?
2. Unable to use cell phone cameras or unable to use microwaves?
3. Glow in the dark teeth or glow in the dark eyes?
4. Once a week get a free sandwich or twice a month get a free lasagna?
5. Have the focus (a la a Jedi) or ability to shape shift into any land mammal?
6. Cry at every cereal commercial or never eat cereal again?
7. Be a talented oboe performer or a talented potter?
8. Get top charting album for free every month or top charting book for free every month?
9. Not allowed to eat breakfast food for a year or having to eat only breakfast food for 6 months?
10. Have hair that grows 3 times the normal or nails that grow 3 times as fast?
11. Be afraid of corn on the cob or allergic to corn on the cob?
12. Think you can talk to grizzly bears or think teddy bears are alive?
13. Be a cast member in the new Star Wars or a cast member in Jurassic World?
14. Taste from your finger tips or listen from your hips?
15. Live 6 months in ancient Greece or not leave town for the next 2 years?
16. Walk around with slices of mango in your shoe all week or not eat fruit for 3 months?
17. Never use a fork again or never ride a bike or skate board again?
18. Be Kanye for a day or Dave Grohl for a day?
19. Have a flourishing lemon tree in your back yard or a flushing blueberry bush?
20. Have green eyebrows or purple leg hair?
21. Be able to run a 6 min mile or be able to the entire single ladies dance straight through?
22. Turn into a bee for 3 days a year or be deathly allergic to dairy products?
23. Have the nick name of “Funky Nancy” or “Groovy Chad”?
24. Unlimited supply of breadsticks and dip or unlimited garlic bread?
25. Permanently smell like grass clippings or have permanent Cheetos fingers?

You just learned a lot about your self. Go journal!