Some of Your Favorite Music has a Holiday Dedicated To It!

We give holidays to our favorite Presidents, who helped shape America – but there seems to be a growing national tendency to celebrate the people who have shaped America’s musical landscape. With Richmond, VA declaring the recently passed Sept. 17 “Foo Fighters Day” and Mayor Rahm Emanuel dedicating Sept. 23 as “David Bowie Day” in Chicago, it seems like the whole country wants to mark down on their calendars just how much they love their favorite musicians. What better way to remind the public to love an artist than to dedicate a day on the calendar to your favorite band? Although we aren’t going to get a day off of school for any of them anytime soon, any reason to crank the jukebox up and listen to some solid jams, is reason enough to celebrate for me. So if you’re looking to road trip, here are some other holidays dedicated to bands/music and the city it is located in (added bonus you’ll already know what the car’s soundtrack should be).


April 1st – Three 6 Mafia – Memphis, Tennessee

April 10th – Nirvana Day – Seattle, Washington

April 18th – Record Store Day – Your (least) favorite record store

May 4th – MCA Day – Brooklyn, New York

June 10th – Drake Day – Houston, Texas

June 25th – Global Beatles Day – Global mean you are required to travel the globe or look at a globe to celebrate.

August 3rd – Blues Music Day – International (I don’t know which country doesn’t participate)

August 4th – Rick Ross Day – Miami, Florida

September 17th – Foo Fighters Day – Richmond, Virginia

September 21st – Earth Wind and Fire – No one remembers where

September 23rd – David Bowie Day – Chicago, Illinois

October 13th – Puff Daddy Day – Chicago, Illinois

December 12th – Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day – Worldwide (you don’t even need to leave your bed)

December 12th – Wiz Khalifa Day – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania