July 19, 2015 / 10:51 pm

So You’re Going to Lolla

Just cause you’ve never heard of them, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Here’s some music you should definitely check out during your time in Grant Park.



Are you excited to see Sir Paul McCartney? Well of course you are! You’re gonna see in Beatle in real life, you can tell your kids that! Granted, they’ll probably be able to see the fab four in holograms while attending some festival on the moon, but still, of course you’re excited to see Paul! (unless you’re gonna see The Weeknd instead…reevaluate your life choices)

But who are you going to see before Paul takes the stage? That’s why I’m here, to give you the rundown to some lesser-known bands to spend your afternoon and evenings discovering and enjoying before the headliners take the stages.


Coasts: 12:45-1 p.m. Bud Light Stage

What’s a better way to start Lolla than with some feel-good indie pop? Coasts sounds like a cross between Atlas Genius and Bastille and they will definitely get the endorphins going. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

MisterWives: 1:30-2:15 p.m. Sprint stage

Try not to dance when “Reflections” plays, seriously that is one catchy tune. Lead singer Mandy Lee has a super unique sounding voice that makes the band stand out from the like. The band too, is great and supports Lee’s vocals without overpowering them. They just released their debut album Our Own House this past spring so expect to hear most of that record.


Father John Misty: 3:30-4:40 p.m. Palladia stage

I Love You, Honeybear is just another one of the many fantastic albums to come out this year and lucky for us, FJM will be playing songs from the album at Lolla. Known for putting on an unforgettable show, FJM’s mellow rock will provide the ideal soundtrack to your early Friday evening



Congrats, you survived day 1.

Catfish and the Bottlemen: 12:45-1:30 p.m. Samsung Galaxy stage

What’s the saying? A British band a day keeps the doctor away? Something like that. Either way, if you’ve got a thing for British guys with guitars (slowly raises hand) then you can’t miss Catfish and the Bottlemen. I saw them in June and they put on a great show. Even if you head over to the stage without ever hearing one of their songs, the hooks are catchy enough that you’ll find yourself singing along in no time.

RL Grime: 4:30-5:30 p.m. Perry’s

Are you trying to rage your face off before the sun goes down? Head over to Perry’s and get your most neon shirt ready to jump around with some bros and their flower crowned lady friends. RL Grime sounds pretty good at whatever he does though, if you’re into this kind of thing.

Tame Impala: 6-7 p.m. Samsung Galaxy stage

No, I’m not insulting your ~indie cred~ by including this Australian psych-rock band, but take this more as a “you would be making a huge mistake (Gob Bluth voice) to miss this show.” Sure, the past two Tame Impala albums have been great, but Currents is some next level music. Lolla is the band’s first festival after releasing the album (due out July 17) and it would definitely be a mistake to miss what’s one of my most anticipated acts of the weekend.


Better get to Grant Park early on Sunday, not only is it the last day, but at least in my opinion, Sunday boasts the best lineup.

Circa Waves: 12:30-1:30 p.m. Samsung Galaxy

Honestly the secret to starting your day out isn’t a complete breakfast but some sunshine-infused indie-pop. True, Circa Waves sounds similar to a number of other bands playing the same style of music, but this music is so much fun! Save the heavier stuff for later in the day and dance to “T-Shirt Weather” cause you can’t even pretend to hate this song.

Skylar Spence: 2:50-3:30 p.m. Pepsi Stage

Formerly known as Saint Pepsi (ironic as he’s playing at the Pepsi stage) Skylar Spence has made a name for himself in the past year or so as an up-and-coming indie-electro artist. Unafraid to experiment with a variety of sounds but still having a knack to make catchy, upbeat music, this will be a much needed pick me up midday on day 3. He’s set to release a new album mid-September so expect some new tunes.

Bully: 5:40-6:20 p.m. BMI

You know the feeling when you just want to scream song lyrics but it sounds awful because you know, you’re screaming? Yeah Alicia Bognanno doesn’t know that feeling. The voice and producer behind Nashville punk group Bully, Bognanno has made a name for herself, especially since the band’s very excellent debut album Feels Like came out in June.