Single Watch: Mike Adams at His Honest Weight Releases “I’m Worried”

Bloomington’s Mike Adams at His Honest Weight released an limited edition 7″ vinyl on Nov. 15. The vinyl is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and features “I’m Worried” with “Ken Burns’ Baseball ” as the B-Side. The single “I’m Worried” will trap you. It is so listenable, you’ll get suck in loop of hitting repeat a dozen and some times.

This 7″ inch is just the warm up for Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, with a 5 song LP entitled Preparation Age due out early this December and their forthcoming full length album rumored to be out in early 2016. Preparation Age will also be a limited pressing with 500 copies and a  bside featuring a pinball machine design created by Bloomington artist  Chad Serhal.

Mike Adams sings “What’ll take now to get me home”, but the single makes you feel like you are already on your way.

Listen to the addicting “I’m Worried” below