October 16, 2014 / 3:09 pm

Single Watch: Homecoming Edition

It’s Homecoming Week, which means parties on a Tuesday, the biggest tailgate of the year and “Indiana Dad” sweatshirt clad men stumbling around campus all weekend. In this special edition of Single Watch, we’ll have all the songs that should accompany your 2014 Homecoming Week!

Future/Jersey Club vibes that will have you in a previously undiscovered
state of dance.


If all else fails, just throw on a mix

TNGHT’s BBC mix is the stuff of legends. Of the hundreds of mixes done by the world’s best DJs across various BBC programs, such as Essential Mix or Diplo & Friends, this one still retains the spot of my personal favorite. TNGHT perfectly blends new-age urban influenced electronic music with hip-hop and the result is an hour of head-bopping bliss.
note: if you don’t listen to the mix in its entirety, at the very least peep the Mercy x Furnace Loop mash-up at 31:54.

You’re made it back to your place and the Little Caesar’s/Karkov combo is annihilating your stomach but you’re still making a play on that BB girl/boy whose name you keep forgetting.