September 15, 2017 / 3:42 pm

Single Watch: Eddy Blake- “Real Friends”


I’m resurrecting Single Watch (except now it’ll all be regional artists), and I’m doing it with a tune fresh off the mixing board from an artist from my favorite city.

Indianapolis based Eddy Blake brings us a rip, that’s thankfully not a rap track, of Kanye West’s “Real Friends” with a boozy twist.

Filled with the crippling juxtaposition of self-doubt and overwhelming confidence, the R&B artist takes to the track to admit to becoming distant from his genuine homies, and closer to badder bitches and booze, in order to begin to succeed at his music career.

Obviously the instrumental is incredible in this track since it’s literally a rip from a god, but melodically what Blake does here is interesting. There are moments where the inflection of his voice and the words he is saying are almost haunting. He drops the echoed line “more drugs, more drink. I just want to wake up when I blink” right before the first appearance of the chorus and the timing of the drumbeat right afterwards force you to focus on what is being said there rather than the repetitive chorus. His unique, mildly soulful, and relatively raw voice, make lyrics like “I’ve been fucking badder bitches since I left you, but still wake up wishing that I kept you” feel like they’re filled with an abundance of emotions, which works on this track.

Although this is only his second release, and not an album cut, his debut mix is set to drop in late October and this is a good indicator of the fuego music that’s set to come.