October 3, 2014 / 12:54 am

Single Watch

In what starts out sounding like a footwork track, “lonelyfuckingsamurai” goes absolutely berzerk at :50, where Mr. Carmack stamps the track with his signature industrious bass sound and exotic vocal samples. Mr. Carmack’s latest release, Drugs EP, further supports why he’s the best new artist of 2014.

Once again, a DJ/producer takes a lazy beat from a DJ Mustard produced track and turns it into a massive remix. While the initial remix of this T.I. track came out a week ago, it was taken to another level when ATL club rap gods, Migos, jumped on it.

Another Chaz Bundick album, another change in style. The Toro Y Moi frontman will be releasing his upcoming album “Michael” on November 4 under the moniker of “Les Sins”. This impossibly smooth track as “Les Sins” proves that whether he’s making chillwave, nu disco, or psychedelia, Bundick is one of indie music’s most dependable craftsmen.

This is what wearing spandex in a spaceship sounds like.

With his upcoming album Money Sucks, Friends Rule slated for an October 28 release on Mad Decent, the Moombahton pioneer gave away this re-vamped version of his first hit, “Masta Blasta” for free. With heavier drums and a new 4/4 rhythm, the track is another reason to believe that with the release of MSFR Francis will become a household name.

Hudson Mohawke’s EP, Chimes, dropped this week as expected, but when looking at the tracklist there was one glaring (and disappointing) fact: IT WAS ONLY FOUR SONGS! Of the four tracks, one was the Apple commercial featured “Chimes” and one was a Gammer Re-Edit of “Chimes”. Despite there being only two unreleased HudMo originals, fans of the former TNGHT member can revel in the beauty of “King Kong Beaver”.

Through isolating the airy vocals and throwing them into a melodic drop, Fear Club offered up a wonderful re-work of the Glass Animals track “Cocoa Hooves”.


Bro Safari and OWSLA signee Valentino Kahn teamed up to remix MIA, what they delivered was the track that dominated the festival scene this past summer.