February 12, 2015 / 3:13 pm

Single Watch

Perplexing. I’m really just utterly confused how this song doesn’t even have 2,000 plays a month. The chorus is club ready and the drum work by Jollie Laundry is menacing. Dusty blacks out on this one.

While Mr. Robert Shmurda battles the court system in the great state of New York, Romby provides a new pace to the name recalling track.

We catch up with Jonah Baseball, finding him more minimalistic than usual on this Antonio Mendez collaboration. We still don’t have an EP from Jonah but for now we can throw this dance circle enticing track and know that when it comes, it’ll be something strong.

Future house? Deep house? East coast house? Diversa chooses to call his genre blending track “actual house.” Bouncy synths and vocal isolation make this a breakthrough track for the ever-changing producer.

When the first drop comes, the drums don’t make sense for a split second and then they do and it’s wonderful and this is a run-on now but listen to it and hear what I mean and be amazed by it.

Amended title of this week’s single watch: Electronic songs you WON’T BELIEVE rappers haven’t hopped on. (Fill in the blank with whatever Buzzfeed attention grabbing title you’d like. If you think of any good ones, please leave them in the comments. plz.)

Kreayshawn stomped into the spotlight with “Gucci Gucci” in 2012. It’s now 2015 and Kreayshawn has since quietly backpedalled into obscurity. Mura masa temporarily brought her back and further confirmed her one hit wonder status with this re-work.

Throwback of the Week

Stones Throw’s often overlooked Jonwayne totally changes this Gucci track with an insanely melodic, analog remix of the Trap God’s ode to jewels. Reminiscent of Lindsay Lowend and worthy of an ice cream cone face tattoo.