November 13, 2014 / 2:31 pm

Single Watch

After Drugs EP earlier this year, there’s been a consistent flow of Soundcloud releases from Carmack. This one’s title is as unconvential as the sound is. The ominous horn looms over a slew of downright filthy bass chops. His crossover into hip-hop is inevitable and could help shape the future-progressive sound in hip-hop.

I’ve said everything there is to say about Lido. Brilliant, I’ll just leave it there.

If 808s and Heartbreak came out in 2014, it would not only have been more revered by critics and fans, but it would have yielded a ridiculous amount of remixes. This is just a taste of what producers could do with the album’s dark lyricism and vocal arrangements.

One of 2013’s most overlooked tracks, “Telegraph Ave.”, was the track that solidified Donald Glover’s transformation from an internet rapper to a legitimate song craftsman. The chorus reads as a distressed journal entry about long-distance relationships and when this is contained within Bear//Faces airy edit, the result is emotionally charged excellence.

TroyBoi is going to have a breakout 2015. Mark it down. He’s producing tracks that sound like nothing else in the electronic music landscape and there’s a Flosstradamus collaboration looming that sounds nothing short of bonkers.

Using Flosstradamus’s change-of-pace track “Rebound”, CRNKN gives us another legitimate reason that they could be the next group to capitalize on deep house going mainstream.

Skrillex is turning people who scoffed early tracks like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “Bangarang” into fans at a rapid rate. His evolution has seen the OWSLA boss hone in the raw aggression he previously used throughout entire songs and use it much more tactfully. This has made those spots of aggression pay off in a bigger way, the first drop in this Trollphace collaboration is the perfect example.